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Preventative Maintenance

With our customers asking us to provide a dedicated maintenance operation removing the obscurity of maintenance provisions. i.e. an honest, clear, concise, choice of preventative maintenance contracts. With time on site to be thorough and carry out proven old fashion servicing, not the currently know lift inspection visits.

Our philosophy has always been to provide a service that is:-

  • Fit for purpose.
  • Honest.
  • Utilising open protocol equipment.
  • Reliable in operation.
  • To utilise components available in the U.K. Market.
  • Flexible and proactive.

This gives the lift owner the future comfort of knowing:-

  • The lift installed can be maintained by Lift Source or their choice of service provider.
  • If a third party contractor is selected we are willing to offer support as required.
  • If Lift Source is to be selected as the maintenance provider after the warranty period:-
    • This will automatically extend the warranty on parts for a further 2 years.
    • Lift Source only carry out in depth “old fashioned” service visits, not the 10 -15 minute “inspections” that are currently sweeping the market:-
      • Works (lubrication/adjustments) are completed within the service visit not charged as an extra
      • It reduces long term customer costs.
      • It improves longevity of lift equipment.
      • It maintains the overall quality of equipment.
  • All components are available from our warehouse located in the midlands or through supply companies based in the U.K. Alternative supplier list is included overleaf.

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